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Our story

Imagine investing with less worry. At Sentry, we are focused on helping investors calmly create wealth.

Calmly create wealthTM

Volatility is a common occurrence in the financial markets. Sentry Investments offers an alternative. We apply steadfast discipline to keep your investments on a calmer path to wealth creation.

When we opened our doors in 1997, Sentry was a small mutual fund company with some very big ideas. We focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, which more tangibly translates into growth and income with less volatility. We also believed that to achieve superior results, we needed to do things differently. Over the next 10 years, we attracted a relatively small but loyal group of supporters.

Then came the 2008/09 financial crisis...

Many firms were significantly affected by that crisis. But for us, it was the defining moment in our company’s history. Our ability to calmly create wealth during, and since, the 2008/09 financial crisis – one of the most significant market declines since the Great Depression – showed advisors and investors that our style of investing works. Sentry funds are built to perform through volatile markets; those are the times that truly define you as an investment manager. As a result, Canadian investors – through the counsel of their financial advisors – have entrusted more and more of their hard-earned dollars to Sentry. 

We’ve come a long way, and the number of investors that we serve has grown dramatically over the years. But today, as a wholly owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corp., we believe that we’re in a great position to continue working closely with financial advisors and help even more investors achieve their financial goals.